PackPods Now Shipping, January 2009

We’re pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for the stainless-steel, production ready PackPod! This announcement comes on the heels of the enormously successful debut of the PackPod at the 2008 PackExpo in Chicago, IL. Said InNovaCo President Dave Wood, “People were truly amazed at the unique design and function of this machine. We have simply added several features that we believe production people will love.” Adds Manufacturing Manager Jim Klapperich, “We’ve had a lot of visitors look at the PackPod ; it’s been fun watching the light bulb go on over their heads as they see it demonstrated.”
The PackPod’s innovative design consistently delivers well-sealed, visually appealing cases – a big advantage over hand taping as well as some conventional systems. It also provides an effective solution for difficult applications such as reverse flap folding, partial or full overlap and gap flapped RSCs. The PackPod is an ergonomic dream come true – eliminating the problems caused by repetitive hand taping and box carrying demanded by conventional systems.