Target Markets for the PackPod

  • Space-constrained environments – Small footprint allows worker to form, pack and seal a box all within a very small area.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill Seal Lines – Slower speed low volume lines such as single serve packets, spices, food additives, sugar, etc.
  • Plastic Processors – Specifically blow molders and injection molders with lower speed or highly variable production rates. Frees up space and reduces labor.
  • Producers of seasonal or specialty products where the volumes do not justify a high speed automated packaging line. The PackPod handles suspension packages easily unlike the problems encountered in regular case formers.
  • Fulfillment and distribution warehouses – Using the PackPod they gain flexibility when doing mail order fulfillment, kitting, etc.
  • Contract Packagers – The PackPod’s ease of operation, versatility and portability make it a valuable, low cost tool for co-packers.
  • Case Forming – The PackPod is an excellent low-cost case former (never wastes a case) as well as a great option for tray forming. Also handles multi-trip/used boxes with ease.
Download a word document of this list.