Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum/maximum box size range?
Please click here for detailed case sizing information.

What is the maximum cases/minute capability?
Up to ten depending on the application.

What is the electrical power requirement?
The PackPod runs on compressed air. No electrical power is required.

What is the air requirement?
90-100 psi shop air. The PackPod includes an auto-draining filter/regulator.

What is the rate of air consumption?
1/10th CF per tape application cycle. No air is consumed when machine is not cycling.

What size tape does the PackPod use?
Tape up to 2” in width can be utilized. Machine rolls up to 12” diameter are acceptable.

What is the leg length of the applied tape?
From 2” to 2.5”.

What are the safety features of the PackPod?
The PackPod meets or exceeds OSHA requirements including lock-out/tag-out and guarding interlocks.